Lubo Minchev

Founding Shareholder & Group CEO
Lyubomir is one of the founders and CEO of Telelink Holdings B.V. since inception in 2001. From 1999 till 2000 he was country manager of Global Securities Bulgaria. Between 1998 and 1999 he was Senior Analyst at Global Securities Bulgaria and Investments Manager at Global Finance in Sofia from 1997 till 1998.
Lyubomir is dedicated to sport and is practicing golf, he loves adventures and travels a lot with his family.

Jordan Popov

Executive Director Telelink Bulgaria & Group CFO
Jordan is part of Telelink since its inception in 2001. He has occupied a number of managerial positions with different entities within the Telelink Group. Jordan serves as a Group CFO since 2006 and is jointly holding the position of executive director and member of the board of directors of Telelink Bulgaria.
Jordan is a great sports enthusiast with special interest in cycling, snowboarding and kitesurfing. He likes spending his time off in a relaxed atmosphere with his family and friends.

Tsvetan Mutafchiev

Executive Director Telelink Infra Services
Executive director Telelink Infra Services EAD
Tsvetan’s business career has been entirely in ICT industry serving engineering, commercial and managerial positions.
He has joined Telelink in 2006 starting as a Commercial director. From 2010-2017 Tsvetan was Executive director of Telelink EAD.
Outside of work, Tsvetan has an interest in outdoor activities and travel.

Ivan Zhitiyanov

Executive Director Telelink Business Services
Starting as a junior engineer and climbing the career ladder step by step, Ivan is with Telelink for more than 12 years. Two years as an engineer and the other ten at different managerial positions. In 2012, he was appointed as Business Unit Manager for System Integration and in the end of 2017 his business unit was separated as a standalone company and he appointed Executive Director.

Ivan enjoys spending time with his family and watching Sci-Fi movies.

Miroslav Katsarov

Executive Director Telelink City Services and TLRO
Miroslav is with Telelink since its foundation. He participated in the establishment and was managing the System Integration and the Security and Automation business units. Currently Miroslav is executive director of Telelink City Services – the unit that was set-up in 2017 with the goal to develop Smart City products.
Miroslav’s interests are in Intrapreneurship, start-ups and talent development. His free time is devoted to archery and other outdoor sports.

Marian Karadimitrov

Executive Director Telelink Labs
Marian has more than 20 years experience in the ICT field and already 15 years is part of Telelink’s team. His carrer path so far includes networks design engeneer, project management, international business development and management of the System Integration Telecom team. He has participated and led may large-scale international telecommunications projects.
Marian’s is really passionate about music, enjoys outdoor activities, especially skiing and mountaineering.