Holistic approach to GDPR

Helping organizations assure efficient GDPR compliance

Implement organizational, operational, and technological solutions to address the gaps

GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. It aims to simplify the regulatory environment so everybody in the European Union can fully benefit from the digital economy, while ensuring rights and freedoms of citizens will be protected.

Under GDPR, organizations have to ensure that personal data is gathered legally and transparently, that collected data is protected from misuse and exploitation, and that the rights of data subjects are respected – or face penalties for not doing so.

GDPR requires continuous compliance and organizations must be able to prove at any moment that they are following the rules.

Gap Analysis and Recommendations​


  • Assessment of practices for collection, processing, use, transfer and destruction of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)​
  • Identify gaps between current practices and GDPR requirements​
  • Recommendations and roadmap for achieving compliance​
Find the gaps and get a roadmap for addressing them!​

Implementation of Organizational Measures​


  • Changes or design of new organizational processes, documents, record of processing activities​
  • Design of PII Security Breach process and Report​
  • Employee training related to GDPR obligations​
Address the gaps within the organization!​

Achieve Continuous Compliance



  • Implementation of technology solutions for automation of protection, control, and reporting in line with the roadmap​
  • Get subscription to Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC) for complete cybersecurity visibility​
  • Get DPO as a Service ​
Gain the visibility and the tools to manage continuous compliance!​
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What’s included?

  • Legal: Review and identify PII data that is being processes and applicable legal requirement​
  • Risk Management: Dedicated consultants with practical experience to identify gaps ​
  • Advanced Security Operations Center: Security operations as a service – gain visibility, deep analysis, recommendations, and security awareness trainings​
  • Emergency Response Team: Immediate response and remediation in case of breach​
  • Remediation Services: Fully managed 24x7x365 services​
  • Information Security Projects: Implementation of technology solutions for governance, protection, control, reporting​
  • Data Protection Officer as a Service: Manages end to end process, compliance, reporting, and remediation

Why trust Telelink with GDPR compliance?​

  • Dedicated Risk Management team for addressing GDPR Compliance projects.​
  • Holistic approach on information security – expertise to deliver end-to-end project – legal, processes, gaps, recommendations, implementation, auditing.​
  • Services helping assure continuous compliance – Data Protection Officer as a Service, Advanced Security Operations Center, Remediation Services, Emergency Response Team.​
  • Proven track record of successful projects.​

Watch our webinar “How to achieve GDPR compliance?” (in Bulgarian)

В този уебинар, Петър Кирков, ръководител отдел „Управление на риска“ в Телелинк и Огнян Юскеселиев, мениджър „Технологични решения“ акцентират върху най-важните стъпки, през които преминава един проект за осигуряване на съответствие с GDPR, основните проблеми, които организациите срещат и как Microsoft платформите подпомагат отговарянето на изискванията на GDPR.